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Glass House Games is a media channel based and recorded in the heart of Brick Lane. Expect long form discussions, analysis and whatever the hell The Bin Show is. New episodes every week. Subscribe to never miss out. Become a patron to gain early access to all of our content and get involved with future shows!

About Us

Glass House Games is a team from a variety of backgrounds with a love for video games. We bring a critical and experienced eye to everything we cover.

  • Shay Thompson


    Shay Thompson is a producer here at Glass House Games. When she’s not obsessing over fictional crushes, she’s a presenter for hire whose face and voice have popped up at BAFTA, McLaren and Salesforce.

  • Samantha Greer


    Samantha is a dweller of The Bin, where she contemplates being one of only three Lightning Returns fans. She’s also our producer and you might know her from her work at many other games outlets.

  • Alex CG


    Alex CG is an RPG enthusiast who deigns to play other genres. They love to read, write, and speak other languages poorly. Also Star Trek.

  • Astrid Johnson


    Astrid is a post-production warlock, and their primary role at GHG is adding “razzle dazzle” to our content (to quote Alex P). They’re paid in bagels from the bakery next door.

  • Mat Jones

    Social Media Mangler

    Does all of the posts. Some of them are even good. Doesn’t like video games, cursed by a witch to never stop thinking about them.

  • Kit Critchley

    Head of Production

    Glass House’s number one number two guy. Chief thing-turn-er-on-er and button-presser. When not fiddling with gadgets in the studio he’s fiddling with espresso at the bar.

  • Alex P


    Alex has done the following things professionally, in chronological order: records, poker, food. Now he has a broken and unhealthy relationship with Animal Crossing and a daughter with a penchant for dancing, cheese, and trying to wink.

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Naturally, our feelings about games will change over time. That’s where our Rankings come in. Every so often we all get together to shuffle things around and add new games. Of course, it’s really just an excuse for Alex to try and get Sekiro higher up the rankings.

  • Kentucky Route Zero

    Release date: 28.01.20
  • Disco Elysium

    Release date: 15.10.19

    Release date: 28.02.19
  • Umurangi Generation

    Release date: 19.05.20
  • Outer Wilds

    Release date: 28.05.19

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