Community Guidelines

Welcome to Glass House Games!

This is a place where people come together to have thoughtful conversations about video games and culture. We want everyone in our community to have fun and be excellent to each other.

How to post and comment

To post on the site, sign up for a free user account on the “Log On” page. You can leave comments on our free weekly shows — the Glass House Games show and our review show Reflections — or start your own thread and post comments in the Forums.

If you join our Club, you’ll also be able to watch and comment on our exciting range of exclusive Members-only series.


Use content warnings and spoiler warnings where appropriate. If mature content is posted in a thread that isn’t tagged as mature, moderators may tag the post or even remove it. We will also remove any posts that contain solicitation or spam.

Unacceptable behaviours include (but are not limited to): attacks on individuals or groups, illegal activities, and anything we consider to be trolling or harassment.

If you see inappropriate behaviour, please don’t engage. Flag the post, and our moderators will check it out.

If a Glass House Games moderator does remove a post, they will leave a reply explaining why the post was removed. Persistent or particularly bad behaviour will result in removal of posting privileges, and Club members may also have their membership privileges revoked.

These community guidelines are not exhaustive and will be updated from time to time.